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12 projects found for Community Level Impact
  • Fairground Hospital Community Project

    NEW PROJECTRufus wants to see a healthy community. He is a physician assistant. He currently has a clinic but wants to expand to treat more patients constructing an annex to p...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Waste Management

    A major problem in Liberia is the lack of financial resources and appropriate governmental mechanisms to fully address the important issue of waste management. Members of CII ...
  • Bread for All

    Objective of this project is to open a women-led Liberian run/owned commercial bakery in Bassa County. This community project “bread for all” will alleviate bread ...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Safe Drinking Water

    FULLY FUNDED    Over 250 people who live in the Own your Own Extension lacks safe drinking water. Your very important investment will help create a well and help the...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Magic FM Sustainability Resource Center

    Objective of the Resource Center is to generate revenue by using the multi complex resource center that will serve the media, students and members of the public. The revenue g...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Africa Self-Help Fund

    Invest in Self-help/resident driven projects rather than programs. All donations go entirely to the residents on the Mutuality Platform. The residents are leading their effort...
  • The King Gray Fishing Village

    This fishing village of 200 families needs a refrigeration facility so that they can catch fresh fish, sell fresh fish, then refrigerate/freeze the fish that doesn't sell that...
    Paynesville, Liberia
  • Kukatunor (we are one)

    This important community project is for a much needed Waste Management Company. Your investment will help keep their community cleaner and sanitary. It will attract less vermi...
    Paynesville, Liberia
  • Solar Power for Liberia

    To give families and small businesses a variety of options for solar energy. The aim is to provide enough power to charge small at-home devices such as phone chargers, fans, l...
  • Biofiltration Waste Treatment Solutions

    This project aims to provide sustainable, economical sanitation options to those who may lack plumbing or septic tanks. Compost toilets, which use natural processes like decom...
  • Prevent Coronavirus Campaign

    RESIDENTS in Buchanan and Paynesville initiated a PREVENT CORONAVIRUS CAMPAIGN. Women in the community sewed handmade masks for distribution. Community outreach outlined key C...
  • Keep our Hospital in Buchanan open

    KEEP THE ONLY HOSPITAL IN THE REGION OPEN. With the coronavirus pandemic under control in Liberia the focus is on purchasing essentials such as much needed gloves and  me...
    Buchanan, Liberia