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18 projects found for Community Level Impact
  • Central Buchanan Market Building Project

    LET'S GET IT DONE CAMPAIGN: ALL WOMEN LED PROJECTCurrently there are over 80 vendors in this area of Central Buchanan who sell their goods in an open air market. These vendors...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Pipeline New Water Project

    LET'S GET IT DONE CAMPAIGN- The Pipeline Community has put together this very important project to bring clean water to about 2,000 inhabitants. This new water well will ...
    Paynesville, Liberia
  • LBS Community Charcoal Project

    FULLY FUNDED- This charcoal project aims to service 2,000 residents and  businesses in the LBS community which has 5,000 residents, 400 homes. The project will buy a...
    Paynesville, Liberia
  • Cassava Farm Project

    LET'S GET IT DONE CAMPAIGN - This cassava farm project will cover 2 lots of farm land located in the Peace community, Buchanan. The cassava from the farm will be used to ...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Clean Water for two communities

    FULLY FUNDED - "Our group voluntarily cleaned up the water well for an entire village of 200 people and now we want to clean up two more water wells.  One well is in...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Quarter Community Toilet project

    FULLY FUNDED - This important community project will build and install 4 community toilets, 2 stalls for males and 2 stalls for women. It will serve 800 community members...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Fairground Community Clinic Project

    LET'S GET IT DONE CAMPAIGN-Rufus offers affordable/free medical services at his Fairground Community Clinic.This important project is to expand the Community Clinic. He wants ...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Waste Management

    A major problem in Liberia is the lack of financial resources and appropriate governmental mechanisms to fully address the important issue of waste management. Members of CII ...
  • Bread for All

    FULLY FUNDEDObjective of this project is to be the only Liberian women-led/run/owned commercial bakery in Bassa County. This community project “bread for all” will...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Safe Drinking Water

    FULLY FUNDED    Over 250 people who live in the Own your Own Extension lacks safe drinking water. Your very important investment will help create a well and help the...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Magic FM Sustainability Resource Center

    Objective of the Resource Center is to generate revenue by using the multi complex resource center that will serve the media, students and members of the public. The revenue g...
    Buchanan, Liberia
  • Africa Self-Help Fund

    Invest in Self-help/resident driven projects rather than programs where your donation mostly supports staff and operations. All donations go entirely to the residents on the M...