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  • Deepak Test Project

    This is test project !!
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Bod Boda

    Gordon Omondi's project is all about transportation. He does this business every day. He rents his means of transport from his friends. He is striving to start his own bu...
    Ombeyi, Kenya
  • Madiaba Site

    Herman is a specialist in the twinning of walls with wires. His business deals with housing, and partly with construction. He operates this business because it is his are...
    Kisumu, Kenya
  • Maize Farm

    Julius is a farmer whose main activity is to farm maize for subsistence use. This work allows him to sustain himself and his family members. He does this work wholeh...
    Ombeyi, Kenya
  • Save Life Pharmacy

    Godwin's business deals with saving lives. He sells medication at his own pharmacy. He buys his supply of medicine from a pharmaceutical company in Nairobi. He is a specialist...
    Kisumu, Kenya
  • Rice Farm

    Mildred Akongo and her family members are rice farmers. They put all of their efforts into ensuring that each person has food on their table. They support each other in this n...
    Ahero, Kenya
  • GoodLife Pharmacy

    This business is all about medication. Beryl and her husband run this enterprise to ensure that the community receives immediate support in terms of health with affordable med...
    Nyalenda B, Kisumu, Kenya
  • John Bosco Foods Retail Shop

    John Bosco runs a retail food shop in Mahani 2, Kamwenge district. He hopes to expand her business and increase his family income
  • Irish Potatoes

    The project is about farming. Dennis is a farmer who has shown interest in the category of growing Irish potatoes. He grows these plants both for domestic use and sales. He gr...
    Ombeyi, Kenya
  • Maize Farming

    This project is about the growing of maize. Mathew is a zealous farmer who is determined to eradicate hunger within the community by ensuring that he works hard to produce mai...
    Ombeyi, Kenya
  • Benard Construction

    This project is about construction. Benard is a semi-skilled person who is a specialist of houses in Linton. He constructs the houses on a hired basis. He does this work to ea...
    Ahero, Kenya
  • Tomatoes Farm

    This project deals with tomatoes. John is a farmer who deals with the planting of tomatoes at both large-scale farming and small-scale farming. He mainly focus on to...
    Ombeyi, Kenya