# 780

# of resident projects being tracked

Over 270 %

Growth in business revenue in 12 months

# 394%

Growth in take-home earnings in 12 months

Jobs - 211

# of jobs for others from sample 100 ventures


Below are the ventures led by residents in Liberia who were earning only an average of $1.28 a day a year ago. After joining, learning from one another and receiving a $100 investment, their business sales have grown over 250% and their take-home earnings have increased almost 400%.  Also, these micro-ventures have created over 200 jobs for their neighbors.  These efforts should be supported and they will scale naturally as everyday residents help one another.

At this time we are encouraging small investments, even $10 or $20, to several family ventures. It is easy and secure. What we are learning is that as participating families feel more secure about their family they begin to lead projects that improve the community for everyone.  They also share their good fortune with friends and family. On average they invest in 3.5 other families. Impact thus spreads peer to peer. This is called 'Peer-driven Change' and it scales naturally.  

Now more families want to join and we need your donations to expand the impact.  Join us now. It's simple and 100% of any donation goes to the venture. All is secured thru PayPal on same service as GoFundMe. (tax deductible in the U.S.)

.......... About CII .............

CII finds local self-help efforts by the residents themselves, not the nonprofits. Self-help and mutuality, helping each other, is the key to greater impact. Support from corporations, government or NGO’s is lacking. In 2019 the Community Independence Initiative, CII, began to partner directly with residents in two areas, Paynesville and Buchanan, to test if small investments into the entrepreneurship of even petty vendors could grow the economy from the ground up.  Also, would the residents pay an investment forward by helping others to improve the community. The results have been amazing and similar projects are now starting in various countries.  This online platform is set to capture those efforts and to connect local resident led efforts to outside supporters including diaspora from Liberia.  This project is directed by Mauricio Miller, MacArthur Fellow and in 2010 appointed by President Obama to The Council for Community Solutions.

Family Level Impact

  • God Will Business Center

    NEW PROJECTJartu has a dry goods store. Her vision is to increase the amount of goods in her store. She sells everyday essential items such as beans, peppers, salt, onion, oil and other essentials for a meal. As she increases her goods, her income is sure to double.
    Buchanan, Liberia
    20.8 %
  • Nancy Business Center

    NEW PROJECTInitially, Nancy sold just dried fish. When she joined CII in December 2020 her take home income was $2000.00 liberian dollars equivalent to $10.00 US a month. Being part of CII, she learned from others (mutuality) that adding more product will increase her profit. She listened to other participants and started adding more and more product to sell. Now she is selling dried fish, slippers, used clothing and coal. Her take home pay fluctuates from $95.00 to $150.00 US monthly.  
    Buchanan, Liberia
    30 %
  • God's Will Clothing Center

    Naomi has a good customer base and is expanding her inventory.  Before the covid lockdown she increased her sales by 20% in March 2020 and she feels she can continue to do that now that the lockdown is easing. She eventually wants her own a shop. She is also talented in soap making and wants to sell that and teach others how to make soap and other products.
    Buchanan, Liberia
    60 %
  • Oretha's God Will Provide

    NEW PROJECT Oretha has a dry goods business. She has grand goals of expanding her business to eventually be a "successful supplier to the local business people in Liberia".
    Buchanan, Liberia
    10 %

Community Level Impact

  • The King Gray Fishing Village

    This fishing village of 200 families needs a refrigeration facility so that they can catch fresh fish, sell fresh fish, then refrigerate/freeze the fish that doesn't sell that day, for future sales. It will significantly improve their income by being able to refrigerate/freeze the catch that they do not sell, then be able to sell the fish at a later time.The World Bank started the project over 5 years ago but the contractors ran off with the funds to finish it.  Over the last 3 years the families themselves have saved $4,500 of the $17,650 needed to complete the work and install the power and refrigeration unit.  Your investment will make a huge difference and impact many. 
    Paynesville, Liberia
    33.06 %
  • Fairground Hospital Community Project

    NEW PROJECTRufus wants to see a healthy community. He is a physician assistant. He currently has a clinic but wants to expand to treat more patients constructing an annex to provide medicine, more in depth lab analysis and other services for obstetric patients and children. 
    Buchanan, Liberia
    34.12 %
  • Safe Drinking Water

    Over 250 people who live in the Own your Own Extension lacks safe drinking water. Your very important investment will help create a well and help the community dwellers access free, clean, safe drinking water
    Buchanan, Liberia
    39.13 %
  • Bread for All

     Objective of this project is to open a Liberian run/owned commercial bakery in Bassa County. This community project “bread for all” will alleviate bread shortages in Bassa County and aid in distributing bread to both the rural/urban areas in the region. Goal for this community is to advance economically as a whole
    Buchanan, Liberia
    21.6 %


The Community Independence Initiative, CII, is a major initiative of Root Change, a global NGO.  The project was started because of requests from Liberian diaspora to launch CII in Liberia. Former residents of Liberia seek a way to help their family and friends succeed in their improvement endeavors. Formal jobs are scarce in Liberia so many Liberian families survive through their own entrepreneurial efforts and through help from their friends. CII offers a structure and platform for Liberian entrepreneurs and micro-business people, including petty vendors, to make their aspirations visible. This Platform allows them to receive financial support for their ventures and it allows them to provide regular updates on how they are progressing.

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