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The Mutuality Platform is a tool that can be used by most communities to showcase and track local efforts, promoting the new social change field of 
"peer-driven change". It is a safe eco-system of residents and supporters who are willing to share and assist one another towards improving their lives and communities.  This platform allows like-minded residents and communities to connect within a region or across continents in support of one another.  It also allows supporters to donate/invest in resident-led efforts who then pay it forward by helping others.  

In Liberia, investing in just 100 families led to their self-organizing to clean up the streets, bring food to the most vulnerable and expand a local clinic to serve 1,500 people per month.  Our participants also volunteered to help a village retrofit the local well.  Contributing their skills time and some of their own money they retrofitted the well and an outside donation of $1,600 bought the pump now being used to bring safe water to over 200 villagers.  This is what can happen when we empower and transfer the responsibility and resources so that everyday people can lead their own change and help one another.  Change scales naturally from peer to peer.

Peer-driven Change (PDC):
Our work is to get society to recognize that everyday people, even if struggling around poverty, are important contributors to society and they can lead the social change needed to close the gap they face in wealth and social standing.  We believe that our role in more privileged positions is to recognize, sometimes catalyze, and then provide the secondary support needed to amplify the efforts that everyday people take to improve their own lives and the community around them.

This online platform, The Mutuality Platform, is an open-source resource that is available to any community that share our values and wishes to lead their own collective efforts.

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