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The Mutuality Platform is a vehicle that, in the spirit of mutuality, can be used by most communities that want to work together, promoting resident-driven improvements to their community.  This platform allows like-minded communities to connect within a region or across continents in support of one another.  It also allows supporters to donate to these resident led efforts.  

The Community Independence Initiative, CII, was founded to demonstrate projects that display the values of mutuality:

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Sustainable Development Goals





Sister Organizations

  • Founded in 1953 as a children’s counseling center in Queens, The Child Center of NY has become a powerful community presence throughout the city. With more than 50 locations and 100 programs in NYC’s toughest, most under-served communities, our 1,000 resu...
  • Uganda is in a unique position to become a role model for the world demonstrating the impact of people working together, sharing, and being inclusive. Uganda is a leader in taking in refugees and co-existing. CII has been invited to start a project in t...





CII Liberia - Projects (98)

  • Magic FM Sustainability Resource Center

    Objective of the Resource Center is to generate revenue by using the multi complex resource center that will serve the media, students and members of the public. The revenue generated from this resource center will help educate, train and retain 20 staff community based journalists so they can provide high impactful information to the public. The revenues collected from the center main purpose is to sustain the radio station.
    Buchanan, Liberia...
    33.56 %

Other Projects (5)

  • Test NEOSME

    Salem New Bus Stand, Angammal Colony, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India...