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Find invaluable tools for Impactors, whether doers, sponsors, investors, or followers. The IX Project Space provides a cloud-based home for impact projects and offers integrated tools designed to streamline core functions, such as progress tracking, measuring outcomes, and capturing and aggregating data, as well as facilitating visibility, donations, crowd funding, and stakeholder engagement.

Scaling With ImpactX: The Community Independence Initiative Story

Mauricio Miller, Founder & Director, Community Independence Initiative
“In 2020 CII made the decision to move from Excel spreadsheets to online tools for tracking our initiatives. We also wanted our donors to be able to review and fund initiatives directly online. Working with Ashoka, we choose ImpactX to be our tech backbone. The suite of cloud-based tools is enabling us stay on top of our many initiatives and connected with stakeholders and donors. Now we have the infrastructure to expand operations to 7 countries. ImpactX has been a great fit for us.”

Bob Spoer, Chief Entrepreneur for People, Ashoka
“CII is creating important systems change through its Mutuality initiatives, which depend upon peer-driven change. CII was able to build a branded Mutuality Platform within the ImpactX Platform, which encompasses its ecosystem of partners and projects. ImpactX is allowing the Mutuality model to scale.”

Our Data Commitment

Data placed on ImpactX will be protected and will not be given or sold to third parties without the contributor’s permission. ImpactX reserves the right to anonymize and aggregate data strictly for purposes of providing impact insights to the community. Our data policies are reviewed by a disinterested panel of impact leaders and available upon request.