IX Network Supports The Human Connections Behind Social Impact

Social Exchange
Human connections drive social impact activity. The IX Network invites everyone to create their own Impact Profile where you show how you are making impact.
Browse Members to find kindred spirits, make connections and share information.

Build your reputation

Showcase work

Make connections

Search filters helps you find members and members find you.

Open the door to information sharing, collaboration, friendship.

Private messaging lets you connect directly with project leads and members.

Collective Knowledge

We offer an alternative to the siloed world of impact data that inhibits us from learning from each other. 

We encourage users to share the data they post so we get collectively smarter.  Unlike Facebook and others, users own and control their data.

Search and find information about impact projects around the globe.

Within your Ecosystem, combine forces to undertake coordinated field data collection and share results seamlessly.

Use IX Platform tools to capture metrics and report impact to stakeholders and interested viewers.

Connect with project followers to build a mini-community around your project.

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