Measure Impact 

We are developing analysis and decision support tools that put measurement capability at the fingertips of users on demand

Key aspects of the ImpactX system include:


Our digital library of impact formulae.


Our open repository for impact formulae in development.


Our software that matches the appropriate formula to a project.

What motivates us? The community need for impact measurement:


“Donors want more information on impact.  It is one of the most desired types of information.  It is their biggest under-met need.” -Money for Good

“We all use external validators every day...Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon Buyer Reviews...Donors navigating the sea of 1.8M U.S. nonprofits want the same type of tools.” -Guidestar

“Donors are looking for specific information on performance and impact before they make the decision to donate.” -Root Cause Report


“We see impact performance becoming a powerful differentiator and a meaningful new dimension of overall performance for all types of investing.” -The GIIN (Global Impact Investment Network).

“Social enterprises are becoming central to the global economic system. Their complex nature, together with their growing number and influence around the world makes understanding and measuring their social impact a priority for all stakeholders (i.e. public authorities, impact investors, services-users and social enterprises themselves).” -OECD

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