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About ImpactX

We apply technology solutions to the impact space so more wonderful things can happen in a world facing so many challenges and opportunities.

Tools to Manage Projects

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ImpactX  Mission

Grow Impact.
Help The Collective Improve. 
Make It Simple To Know The Real Impact.

We support ImpactX because we believe in its mission and people. In fact, we helped shape the ImpactX Platform (IXP).
Changemakers, whether organizations, communities, or individuals – need a place to connect and share, and they need user-friendly tools to measure and scale their impact.

Serving The Impact Community

Our goal is to amplify impact by turning data and information into actionable intelligence.

IXP For Changemakers

IXP provides tools to help Changemakers optimize efficiency and transparency. Think of IXP like an ERP system for Impact Doers.

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IX Network

IX Network enables impact people and organizations to find each other and connect, and to share knowledge in a transparent manner.

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Measure Impact

Coming soon are tools that put at your fingertips information that reveals the impact from projects, actions, donations, or investments.

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Get Curious About the Projects Listed On IXP

A.D. Soap Production Center

Alberthe is a talented business woman who wants to expand her soap production business. With a small investment she was able to increase her business 35% and she wants to continue to grow it. She already employees two people from the community. With your investment she wants to purchase machines to make liquid soap, expand her business and create more jobs.


Waste Management

A major problem in Liberia is the lack of financial resources and appropriate governmental mechanisms to fully address the important issue of waste management. Members of CII Liberia group 4 in Buchanan are trying to address this problem by creating a waste management business to decrease garbage/pollution to prevent illness, maintain wellbeing, to aesthetically enhance the community, and to most importantly free their environs of vermin


Heavy Weight Block Factory

Tamba David has a successful block making business. In spite of Covid and currency devaluation, with just a $100 investment he was able to grow his business income by 55 % and his profit by over 270%. Investing in him will help him save for a truck that will significantly grow his business. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and hopes to one day own the biggest block factory in Liberia, creating more jobs and helping the community.


IXP Simply Lets You Do More

IXP Makes Your Work Easier and Better!

Introducing Our Newest Feature: IXP for Ecosystems

We know many of you work through alliances. Now your entire Ecosystem can create a shared space and URL.

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    IXP User Story

    We work in multiple countries and ally with many organizations. Until we found IXP, we did not have a way to showcase our Ecosystem partners, share surveys and data with them, or know our aggregate impact. We are done using excel spreadsheets. The IXP allows us to measure our impact and scale. We can also conduct direct fundraising online so sponsors select and follow specific initiatives.

    Measurement Products Are Coming Soon!

    Impact Measurement Is On Everybody’s Wish List. It’s On Our Work List.

    Available measurement methods are not user-friendly.  They are too costly or cumbersome to be used as-is by most Changemakers. ImpactX is changing that.

    • Our tools are created with rigor on the analysis side, but simplicity of use on the user side.
    • We use the best of scientific data, modeling science, data analytics, blockchain, and platform technologies to provide high-fidelity analysis and easy comprehension.

    IX Network

    Social Exchange

    Human connections drive social impact activity. The IX Network invites everyone to create their own Impact Profile where you show how you are making impact.

    Browse Members to find kindred spirits, make connections and share information.

    Collective Knowledge

    We offer an alternative to the siloed world of impact data that inhibits us from learning from each other. 

    We encourage users to share the data they post so we get collectively smarter.  Unlike Facebook and others, users own and control their data.

    Our Values Are Present In Everything We Do


    Wse believe in people helping people. We believe In sharing knowledge, experience, and resources.


    We are always seeking new ways to deliver better tools to the Impact Community.


    We protect the data you place on the IXP. We never share or sell your data without your permission.


    We share the desire of the Impact Community to improve lives and the well-being of our planet.

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